Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pick your topics?
Topics must be current, have some cultural value, and be of some interest to

Can you tell me what articles are coming up?
No. We pick something that is current. (If we knew current events before they happened, we'd be working the stock market instead!) Occasionally we do know about an anniversary of some sort that's coming up, but most often it's a decision we make from one month to the next.

Who uses your publications?
Any school that wants informational texts that they can use in the classroom to address Common Core Standards.

What's the difference between the two reading levels of the "USA" and
The reading levels are 5th- and 8th-grade. Both are sheltered -no slang, no idioms, no passive voice. The 5th-grade version is 20% shorter, and the sentence structure and vocabulary are modified too.

Can I copy the articles each month? Does the site license cost extra?
A subscription gives your school license to copy our articles for the students at your school. We expect that you will share with your colleagues in Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, ESL/ELD, and Special Ed. Some articles you'll also want to share with your colleagues in Science, Math and Music. Your librarian will appreciate having the articles as a resource too.

What is the best way to share the articles?
We suggest that you put a copy of the articles into the mailboxes of people at school who may want to use it. Then they make copies for their own students. We put a distribution list on the front of each binder to help you remember who wants them.

Can we buy back issues?
Yes. Just click on the "Index" and "Back Issues" buttons to view lists. The prices are at the top of the list. (They're cheap!)

How often do the articles come out?
Once a month, September through June. You can begin your subscription with any month, and it will run for ten months.

When do the articles come out?
We usually mail articles out in the last week of the preceeding month. Subscribers receive June's article, the last in the school year, by mid-May.

How long have you been writing the articles?
In December 1993 we published our first "USA" article about the Brady Bill. "¿Qué Pasa en los Estados Unidos?" started in September 1995. Our "CA" articles began in September 1999, and the "World" began in January 2001. After many requests, we began "¿Qué Pasa en el mundo?" in September 2003.

Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes. That's the usual method of payment. We are happy to ship your binders and first articles to you as soon as you have approval.

How much is shipping?
We cover tax and shipping.